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How to place a sub woofer for a better sound response? Answered

How to keep it on the floor? Close to a wall? How to adjust equalizer for the best bass and treble response ? How can I assume that I'm listening to good quality sounds(music) ? Thanx a lot.



Putting the woofer in the corner of a room always helps.


7 years ago

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.  Bass is not very directional to humans (something to do with the wavelength and the distance between our ears). Everybody's ears are different. Try different placements and go with what sounds best to you.
.  Subwoofer placement is not that critical as long as it is somewhat close (it doesn't have to be very close) to the midpoint between the left and right channels. Between the front channel speakers is usually your best choice. Between the rear channels would be a good second choice. As others have mentioned, placing it "somewhat close" to a wall (1-3 feet) will usually help.

Strongest response will generally be in a corner or close to the wall. That's not necessarily best, as your subsequent questions indicate; strength of the sub has to be balanced against the rest of the sound.

The _right_ way to achieve that balance is with a calibrated white noise generator and spectrum analyzer.

Some surround amplifiers have a setup mode in which they will move the sound between the speakers -- using a different spectrum for the sub -- and let you adjust things until they all sound about equal to you.

Or you can just do it the way you've always done it -- tweak the treble and bass knobs until you think it sounds right for most recordings/broadcasts.