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How to post an instructable Answered

Whenever I want to post an instructable I can't go anywhere from the save and add first step.. What happened??


Make sure you are trying to create a step-by-step, and not a photo instructable.

Photo instructables only have one step, for you to show off something you made but don't have "in process" photos to use in a step-by-step.

Have I gone completely blind? How do I actually post a new instructable? Where is the button? I can't find it.

It has gotten a little hard to find these days. The key word is, '''Submit'''

It's hidden in plain view, no longer a button, but just another link, at the top, right-hand corner, second line down, right next to the search box.

Attn: Instructables Staff- a nice feature would be to have a Submit new Instructable button in the "you" section, published and unpublished. If it's right under my nose, I've missed it completely.


Yep .. I found it eventually. And the word is POST NOT SUBMIT!

afaik the site is a bit broken and works well only in firefox

i know myself some features dont work in konqueror. once in a while i see complains from other browsers too whats broken is mostly the wysiwyg editors. in particular those where you are supposed to drag stuff with the mouse

Did you notice that this posting was made in August 2008? Look at the INFO box to the right of your comment. Hopefully, Ningko got his problem fixed several months ago! ...But maybe he gave up :-( His profile shows no I'bles and no comments.