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How to potty train 4 yr. old Autistic boy? Answered

He Doesnt care if he is wet! He will only pee when you take him, but NEVER on his own nor will he poo poo in potty.


Many kids only deal with this when peer pressure gets to them... which is harder when the kid has autism.

Best suggestion I've got is to approach it the way you'd housebreak a dog...

That one doesn't work for dogs either, actually. Lots of good instructions exist.

And, of course, at least four instructables exist.

At 4 years old, he may be approaching the point where you can ask "why". I can remember a period at about that age when, for some reason, I was a bit afraid of the toilet.

I've known some bright kids who simply didn't want to change this until they had to -- until there was something they wanted that they weren't going to get until they learned this skill.

This isn't the site you want, look for an Autism-specific site such as this: