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How to properly sharpen a stick?? Answered

For use in pungee pit, booby traps ETC.


Use a fresh 1" to 1 3/4" hardwood sapling and peel all the bark off. Shape the point to your desired point. Heat the sharpened end about 4 inches above an open flame. Start about 7 inches away from the sharp point...rotating the shaft. DO NOT BURN THE WOOD. All you are trying to do is heat the sap inside the wood fibers. They will harden and hold the fibers like glue, making the wood much harder, and the point will stay sharp longer.

A few years back I recall seeing number of how-to videos, starring Sylvester Stallone, on the subject of how to fight a one-man-guerrilla-war while armed with nothing but the clothes on one's back, big freakin' knife, and a sense of all-encompassing paranoia.

The first of these videos was titled First Blood, and you can read about it here:

This first video includes footage of sharpening sticks, building booby traps.  I don't recall if they included Stallone smearing the sharpened tips of the sticks with his own excrement, but that step is important, if you want to increase the chances of the wound it inflicts of becoming infected.

Another in this series of videos included a how-to for self-surgery for a bullet wound, including how to cauterize the wound when finished using the propellant from a spare rifle cartridge.

Pencil sharpener?

take the stick and a knife, rock or what have you and point the end (that you want sharp) away from you and take the sharpening device and take little slivers off until it is sharp


7 years ago

While burning in a fire, file\grind on a rock.

Traditionally: Hold stick in one hand, muckin' big knife in other hand, hack/whittle at stick until it's sharp.

Start chewing.