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How to protect our house from EMF ( Electromagnetic Field )....Pls. tell me any idea...? Answered

Dear Frnds,
i, sameer gurav, mobile tower company installing mobile tower top on my residence,
i read its radiation is very dangerous effects...so pls help to protect from this radiation. Tell me any idea how to protect my home from radiation (Mobile Tower Radiation).




Mobile phone towers are low power, so you have little to worry about. The frequencies are also not the ones to be too worried about as the wavelengths don't match body dimensions. The towers people worry about are high power transmition lines.

Not a problem to you. The mobile tower is broadcasting sideways, not down.


How much of a "dead-zone" do you get under such towers? I.e. radius or angle - I'd not thought about the directionality before...


Pretty much a toroidal response. Damned near zero directly under the antenna !



frnds thanks for answers but pls check this post....i afraid becoz this information...


6 years ago

There are speciality RF shielding paints, fabrics, glass or film for windows. Research these products and see which would best suit your requirements.

ok burf thanks for answer hope its help me...can u tell me is it working well...

Of course it works well since there's nothing to protect against :p

There is not conclusive proof that EMF effects our health. I would not worry about it. There are some articles in the Skeptic site about this common fear.