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How to protect the conversation in the house from evasdropping using microphone listening through walls? Answered

My house is townhouse, walls are made of concrete, 6 inches thick. The next house beside my house shares the same walls with my house. I think he put the microphone through walls because even I just whispered he can hear it and know every conversation in my house. Please instruct me the countermeasure or cheap DIY device that work effectively to protect this situation. Thank you



9 years ago

Take it to your cops and tell them. If you have proof he'll be arrested for a long time. If you can't, they get a white noise generator and stick it by your wall, or other anti-bug devices. Just don't use it by anything else electrical, bad things happen.

Are you sure about the microphones? It could just be the walls - solid concrete is actually rather good at transmitting sound, especially things like footsteps or moving furniture, or sounds from things standing firmly on the floor (such as speakers, or a TV of a rigid stand).

If you make your rooms softer - heavy curtains, thick carpet, thickly-upholstered furniture with plenty of cushions - then sounds will be deadened before they get a chance to travel through the wall.

If that doesn't work, and if you are sure you cannot solve your problem by talking to your neighbour, then you can try something like this.

I don't think this situation has a reasonable technological countermeasure, as that would just escalate the disagreement. It doesn't seem wise to try to one-up someone who can drill through six inches of concrete without anyone noticing. Rather, I strongly suggest trying to get on better terms with your neighbor.

Now, if making him brownies or inviting him out for a drink really isn't possible, there is another solution. You can guarantee that your conversation is completely protected from any possible type of audio surveillance.