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How to put LED lights into a drum kit and on cymbal stands. Answered

My boyfriend is wanting to put blue LEDS into his drums and under his cymbals. For right now I think he just wants them on steady. But eventually I'm thinking he'll want the ones inside his drums to come on when he hits the drum, so a way to trigger those to do that would also be good. Right now I was looking at the single light LEDs that they actually have to put on your car, these of course run off your car battery, so would also need a way to convert them to run on regular AC from house outlet. Any advice on this would be great. Any ideas and tips would be welcome. I'm a power novice so any detailed information ie(brands, stores, etc) would be welcome also. I'm so glad I found this forum. If anyone is interested you can find my guys band on MySpace, their name is Desidero. Thanks for any help in advance.


If your serious about lights in your drums. Use the gear the professionals use.
Get Reactorz Bass Drum Light Ports!
Reactorz are metal bass drum ports that react with a strobe like pulse of bright light to each an every kick drum beat!
Reactorz bass drum light ports are now used by many of the top touring drummers in the USA. go to: http://www.reactorzpercussion.com
Check out the following videos of the product at the Reactorz Videos channel:

Green Reactor kick.jpg

Here are some more awesome pics of the Reactorz Bass Drum Port Lights.
I recon they rock! I went to the website and it seams heaps of cool drummers are using these new metal drum ports! the site is: reactorzpercussion.com


Bass Dru lights blue Reactorz.jpgbass drum light ports Reactorz orange.jpgBass Drum Ports triggered lights Reactorz white.jpgBass Drum Light Ports Reactorz red.jpgbass drum ports reactorz chrome metal bass drum port.pngbass drum port reactorz orange.pngbass drum port die cast Reactorz port blue.jpgbass drum ports reactorz red port.jpgbass drum ports reactorz red port.jpgbass drum port green reactorz port.jpgbass drum port die cast Reactorz port.jpgBass Drum Lights.jpg

i made a light bulb version for meh odl base about 5 years ago. all i did was hook it up so when the foil on the hammer thingy hit the foil on the base, it would light up. now, i would use LED and some kind of sound sensor, to light up to the beat...

Look up plans for "color organ" like this http://www.electronicpeasant.com/projects/ledlamps/ledcolor.html

There is a "mic" type input for the lights to respond to sound. Tune it for the different drums or cymbals. Putting or attaching the LEDs to the drums or inside of the drums might not change the sound too much, even if you tape them to the wall of the drum. You might have to mount the LEDs only on the cymbal stand itself. Wires would have to run back to the controller. Good luck.

I would love to have a drum set like that, that would be the best.