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How to put air conditioner in wall? Answered

Want to put my window air conditioner thru wall instead of window, how should it be supported and insulater for us northerners.



10 years ago

AC units aren't overly heavy, but they will need to be braced. This is not an incredibly difficult project, but does require plenty of care. Consider hiring a contractor for the work (or the portion that involves the exterior). this project will be messy, reconsider your options and placement. This will be permanent. You're going to need to open your wall where you want it. Start by making sure there are no conduits or pipes where you want your unit, open the interior wall, you're looking to place it between your studs (typically 16" o.c), you'll need to build a base for the unit to stand on, you'll also want to put in a header. Consider laminating 2 - 2x4's for both (no issue over-engineering here). Bust out your exterior wall (this is a big deal), after installing your AC unit ensure the exterior face has the proper flashing and weatherproofing (seriously cannot understate this, hire a contractor who knows his stuff). Once it's sealed go back inside and sprayfoam the edge around the unit to seal up any missed gaps, place batt insulation around unit and fill remainder of wall cavity, cut opening in new drywall, place drywall, tape & mud, sand, prime, paint. This installation will be permanent, so make sure you have the help of a professional to ensure longevity of both the unit and your wall. Good luck!