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How to put quote on wall Answered

My sister would like to put a quote on her kitchen wall.  I have thought of stencil/paint, but having not done that before, not sure how kindergarten that would look.  Seems I read something one time about printing with computer onto overhead transparencies, then using that to transfer.  But, I cannot remember where I read that, how you actually do the transfer (rub?), and how it is "sealed" after the transfer.  Any suggestions would be wonderful, thanks!  Also, would some processes not work well for a room which may be humid?


You're thinking of projection stencils.

Print the image onto an acetate, project it onto the wall with anold-school OHP, draw around the edges, then paint in.

These days, you can just create a digital image and project it onto thewall with a digital TV projector.

You'd want to use paint. If you printed on thick paper (or transparencies) you could cut a stencil with a knife, and dab paint with a sponge. Maybe tidy-up the edges with a brush while still wet.


(make instructable as you go along)