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How to raise money for a hike? Answered

My high school Outdoors club is going on a hike, but the bus costs about $400, we have no idea how to do it because the school usually pays for these trips, and it's too much for us to contribute a little (there are only four of us)


Well the ideal solution is to convince a parent or another authority with a minivan to drive you. That may just reduce the cost enough that it's affordable. Fundraisers that work fairly well for schools: -Bake sales -Door to door fundraising (chocolates, food hampers). -School dances -Raffles/auctions Since there's only four of you, I'd suggest some kind of odd job. -Mowing or spring cleanup for neighborhood lawns. -Painting -Tutoring

The problem is that the other clubs have done the bake sales, door to door selling, dances, and raffles. The other odd-jobs have some possibility, however, thank you very much.

Absolutely. I wish you the best of luck. A good hike can be a life-changing experience, and a good hike with a few friends is even better.


8 years ago

In urban areas during warm weather, a car wash can be a great money maker, provided your club can get access to (donated) water and electric hookups. 

The supplies needed are: hose with sprayer attachment, detergent and windshield wash (from auto supply shop), lint-free rags (microfiber or chamois), 5 gallon paint buckets, squeegees, small hand vacuum or canister vac with a long hose (wet-or-dry type works well), heavy duty electrical extension cord and kitchen trash bags.  Check the weather forecast ahead of time -- you want a warm, sunny or overcast day (without a lot of wind) for this activity!  Plan to start early on a Saturday morning and to work until evening. 

Advertise with posters and by having someone hold a signboard stating TODAY ONLY * FREE CAR WASH * DONATIONS ACCEPTED * PROCEEDS BENEFIT (YOUR CLUB NAME HERE).  You may actually make far more money by offering a free wash than by charging a set fee, but if this bothers you advertise a wash for $1 or some nominal charge.  Few people are so cheap that they will not pay something and if you do a nice job, many people can be quite generous.  Customers seem to really appreciate having the inside of the vehicle detailed, as well, but be sure to ask permission first.

Make sure you have enough volunteer help to work in shifts, and remember to work hard, smile a lot and be polite.  A car wash really can be fun as well as lucrative.

Good luck!

Get people to sponsor the hike - if all four of you get 20 sponsors at 25c per mile, and then walk 20 miles, that's $400. You may get more/bigger sponsors if you split the proceeds with a local or high-profile charity.


9 years ago

You could have a garage sale, or a bake sale, a car wash, or a lemon aid stand