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How to read an arduino shied schematic to replicate said shield? Answered

One of my many projects I have going requires an arduino and wave shield. I have a wave shield from adafruit already, along with an uno, and I have already done what I wanted. 

However, price is an issue. I would like to make a board that has both a bare-bone arduino and a wave shield. Adafruit has the schematic for the wave shied, but I have a very limited understanding of what it is I'm looking at. I understand (or think so at least) that the MOSI would go to pin 11 on the arduino (using this). Goes without saying that I would also take all other pins with matching names and pair them up,

Thanks in advance! 


All you gotta do is match up the labeled lines from each section to one of the other sections.

MOSI doesn't go to ground. Look at it again. It is going to pin 11 on the Arduino.

Fortunately for you i have a good bit of free time on my hands at the moment so i put together this color chart to help you out. Like colors will be tied together. Keep in mind all the +5V will be tied together. All the 3.3V will be tied together and all the Gnd will be tied together.


And again, your answer my question with great clarity!

thank you for that chart as well! It helped a lot!

The shield has lots of components and lots of connections between them, even an intermediate skilled person can mess up things there. I suggest start with building a barebones arduino first, and a little amplifier (also included in the wave shield, top right corner in the schematics) and maybe also research level shifters. After that you will be more accustomed to schematics and better ready to take up so complex project.

Names on the wires, for example "DAC_LATCH" indicate that all ends with same name are connected together. Few connections are missing from the adafruit schematic, namely to which pins on the arduino do JP13 lines connect - these are the connections between shield and arduino. This can be found out from the library code that makes the shield work.

I defiantly planned to look into it! I've always been the kind of guy to learn under fire, and to learn to use something then kind of reverse engineer it to understand it. Knowing what the different parts are called are handy for me to get those basics down, so thank you for that!

As for the barebone, I've made three so far, and each one works (thanks in order to sath02 for that!) great.

MOSI is the arduino digital pin 11 and that part of the schematic indicates that the ICSP header on the shield and pin 9 of level shifter are connected to arduino MOSI. You will not neccessarily need ICSP header on your DIY board.

(Some connections between shield and arduino are visible on that schematic, but JP13 ones are not.)