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How to read values on preset potentiometer? Answered

Recently my multimeter died in a coilgun experiment. now i need to make some 555 circuits out of scraps. when i need some preset pot. i don't know their values. for e.g a preset pot has a reading of 103 on it(not a capacitor). How can i know its reading. is there anything like capacitor readings in it. 


That 103 is a 10K, 10 + 3 zeros.

There are some spelling mistakes. Pardon me for that.

Reading a pot is just similar to that of reading a ceramic capacitor.

If a pot is named XXX.

Then the value of the pit can be calculated easily just c retain the first 2 numbers as it is and multiply it by 10 to the power of 3rd number.

i.e, XX * 10^X ohms

For example 103

10 * 10^3=10Kohms


47 * 10^4= 470Kohms.

.  Trying to do electrical work without a multimeter is a lot like trying to do carpentry without a hammer. You should be able to find a "good enough" meter for $5-15 (or your local equivalent).
.  What exactly is a "preset pot"? Are you talking about the resistance of the potentiometer's resistive element or the resistance between the wiper and one leg? If the resistive element, then it should be marked on the pot somewhere. (Wild guess: 103 might indicate 103, or 1K, ohms.) If wiper-to-leg, you will need some instrument/circuit to get a measurement.
.  If you are talking about a fixed resistor, there should be color bands that you can interpret. Search for "resistor color code".

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that 1k seems correct, I believe it's 1.0 x 10^3, = 1000
so 991 would be 9.9 * 10^1 = 99 ohms

someone correct me if I'm wrong.