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How to recondition 12v lead acid cell battery for a Riding Lawn mower Answered

Battery has never held a full charge very long since it was new, Needs to be recharged a couple of times during the season, only 3 years old. Can this battery be recondition to hold a proper charge or should I replace it. This is on a john deer riding mower.



10 years ago

car battery is not supposed to work unill it gets empty. this damages the battery you got to connect it to charger if you used it somewhat


Answer 9 years ago

Most lead acid batteries expire prematurely due to a process called sulfation which can be reversed with our Infinitum Desulfator. Depending on the quality and maintenance of your battery you may still get some life back from your battery. We've successfully recovered a battery that had been junked for 6 months. After which it gave another year of service. Sulfation, or lead acid crystal buildup on your battery plates. This process holds up essential active material which reduces the performance and life span of a lead acid battery. The Infinitum Desulfator Battery Life Optimizer prevents sulfation on your battery and reverses the existing lead sulfate crystals on the plates, ensuring a battery with maximum lifespan and optimum performance. This desulfation process can double or triple your battery life span.