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How to record more music from Napster? Answered


I have a 60$ annual account at Napster and I have 60MP3s/year for free and of course I can listen unlimited music on my playlist on Napster. 
My problem is that I have already downloaded those 60MP3 at the beginning of the year and now I cannot download any song and I was wondering if there is other possibility to record or save somehow music from Napster on my pc and transfer them on my phone so that I can listen to them all the time?



Hey, you can capture and record some music from Napster service's subscription with Tunebite Recorder and Converter, because it can rerecords the music played on your pc and saves the music in order to play it back every time you want, even when your subscription expires. Mainly it can record any audio that it comes through your sound card so it definitely will capture, record, download and even save Napster songs on your pc and from there you can transfer the music to any music player, because it can convert the Napster music directly into mp3:


Hope this will help you to capture, record and download music from Napster service...I use it a lot to download and save music and videos from streaming online music websites, so it must work on Napster subscriptions too..

Hi! I have actually been using Audials myself for quite some time and it does work great if you want to record or download streaming music from Napster and other similar music services. Well actually it works if you want to record/capture online music from Rhapsody, since Napster was bought by Rhapsody and it doesn't really exist anymore.

Anyway, I was telling you that I tried recording music from Rhapsody and, indeed, you can save Rhapsody music on your hard drive using the sound card recording function, which basically records what you are playing on your computer. And to transfer music from Napster/Rhaptody to your phone or to whatever device you are using, you can just convert the music files. I think Audials supports pretty much all popular file formats.

Ah, and here is a tutorial on how you can record and convert streaming music from Napster or Rhapsody (however you want to call it): http://audials.com/en/how_to_rip_record_internet_radios/rhapsody.html

Hope it's helpful!

Yeah, I was thinking from the very beginning that if I decide to record Napster mp3s with a sound card recorder, I'll have bad files, but with audacity were very bad, I didn't think that they could be so awful.. Really.

Even with my windows sound recorder the files were better than with audacity, but I gave up at it too, because I really don't want to have some awful audio files on my media devices. Of course I would like to record Napster music and transfer them on my phone and if I record with those sound card recorders and I have from the very beginning those awful files, I don't want to think how bad are on my phone after I transfer the downloads...

So, I guess that I won't look for a way to record or download or save music from Napster service since I only got only bad quality files..

I wouldn't go for this Total Record if I were you because I've tried once to record some audio sounds from my sound card and it didn't record the sound right, it messes with the sounds a lot. Then I switch it with audacity but again this one didn't impressed me a lot because maybe was my pc or sound card, but I had awful audio files after I recorded some sounds.

If you want to record music from Napster with a sound card recording tool you should search for a good one, because not all of them are good and most of all affect the files' quality.


8 years ago

If it's true that you can record and save music from Napster with a sound recording tool while the music is playing, then I'd suggest to try the Total Recorder app. It's supposed to record everything from your sound card so it should record songs from Napster service too.

I really dunno, as I didn't record any track from Napster subscription, but you could try this method and let us know if it really records songs from Napster. I use it from time to time when I need something for my classes, so dunno sure if it can save any Napster song..

Well, it's not the best idea, but I'd say to try to record and save some music from Napster with a sound card recording tool, you could try your windows sound recorder, it may work to record the songs you like from Napster, but be carefully and I'd say that if you finally manage to download or record some new tracks from Napster service, do not share with other persons not even with your family, because it's not so legal what you're about to do.

Anyway, if this sound recorder doesn't work, then you should look for another tool which can record everything goes through your sound card, any sound, so it might record the songs you're playing when listen to Napster music from your online playlist..

I really wanted to change my Napster subscription plan to that Napster to go, but first of all I couldn't change in my settings that I want to switch for Napster to go and I had to pay for this subscription too and I really don't want to pay some extra money again and, anyway, I would lose those free MP3s I have at my recent account.

Second, my phone is not compatible for Napster to go service, I saw its compatible devices list for this subscription but my nokia 5800 wasn't there... So, this one failed..

But I'll try that audacity software to see if I can record tracks from Napster service, maybe this way I'll get more than those 60mp3s I have from them...


Yeah, or you can just maybe change your napster subscription plan to napster to go or something like that.

I saw that the Napster subscription I mentioned is compatible with a ton of devices, including various cell phones so it should allow you to listen to napster music directly on the cellphone, without having to record Napster music and then to transfer the recorded napster music to the cell phone.

If you can actually change your subscription I for one am sure it can be more convenient for you and you would not have to try all sorts of apps to find one that can record napster music in good quality or something like that.


8 years ago

But can't you listen directly on your phone the Napster service? Can't you just log into your account from your phone and listen to Napster music directly on your phone? Since you have unlimited access to streaming Napster music, then you don't need to record or save any other song from Napster service, right?

This could be the easiest and also legal way to listen as much music as you want from Napster, right?

Like Re' I find that Audacity will record "anything". OK it's not a high-speed conversion but it does the job. His would be your best answer so-far.


Download Audacity. It's free. Then install it.

Now play a song you want to capture.  Use Audacity to record it.  You'll need to makes several tests to get things set just right.

Now go back and record it to keep.  Save it and go to the next one.

But the way, I should remind you that this is a copyright violation and may get you huge penalty fees or could even land you in jail.