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How to record or capture Footytube videos ? Answered


Can you guys help me on this? I found this footytube website, which is pretty useful whenever I wanna watch  all sorts of  football videos but unfortunately I cannot access it on my cell phone also.
So I was thinking if maybe anyone has some idea on how to record or capture, download and save Footytube videos for cell phone. Is there something like a Footytube Downloader I could maybe try?

Any help would be so great!


 I'm pretty sure you can capture and record Footytube videos with Tunebite Footytube Downloader, it can download and record any flash videos from websites like Footytube, YouTube and other websites like those. It isn't exactly a Footytube Recorder but it will download and record football videos from Footytube, as I have downloaded some football videos a while ago.

Also, it can be used as other websites downloader, it doesn't download videos only from the above websites but also from streaming online movies or even music websites like hulu, netflix, spotify etc... Even the video files are not flash videos but rtmp-e, it can capture those files by screen capturing and this feature you cannot find at any video downloader. So, in my opinion is a pretty nice tool and its features are very helpful.

Also, you will see that it can convert many audio and video formats because it's an universal converter and if you want to record videos from Footytube it will convert and save them directly into the formats you want, in your case for your phone, so you can select to convert the Footytube videos directly to 3gp or mp4 or whatever format your cell supports...

Take a look at this Tunebite Downloader and Converter here and I hope you'll find as useful and helpful as I find it because I for one never seen such a complex tool so far...

Ok,  so I guess we can wrap up this whole how to record or capture, save Footytube videos deal after all.

Tried that Tunebite Footytube Downloader app yesterday, from the looks of it I think I am going to get this footytube downloader to capture, download, convert and save footytube videos  for cell phone or for easier playback on my pc.

Definitely liked the fact that it can not only capture footytube videos but also convert footytube videos all in one easy to be accessed user interface, this way at least I don't have to use two different apps for the job.

Plus, I wouldn't just keep the app on the pc only for the times when I need to save footytube videos, since I could use it to record and download streaming videos from a ton of streaming videos websites.

So thanks @blackpulse for recommending this Tunebite footytube downloader app and for all the help you guys gave me to find a good way to record footytube videos for my cell phone.

Thanks for the tip, I guess I'll install also this Tunebite Footytube downloader app, maybe this one does a better job than some of the footytube downloaders and converters I've tried  lately and I can finally record and convert footytube videos without any problems.

Well, in this issue, here I have two ways to solve your problems. one is, an online app can grab online videos for you. It's very helpful and toally free.

Alternatively, since you want to save its videos to cellphone, you can use all in one media grabber, which contains functions of download and convert.

No matter which one you will choose, I'm sure it can help you.

I believe they are coded in flash.  AS such I have not found a free downloader nor any way to download them for free.

Realplayer will download them if you upgrade to realplayer gold.  There are several other downloaders that will work with flash but the cost about $40.  Not too much if you really want the files but a bummer if you just want one or twol.

If you find a free one, come back here and post it for us so we'll all know.

Hmm, really? But I thought it would be easier to download flash videos from such websites.
Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I do have more than one or two files I wanna download from footytube and I probably will find new football videos on this footytube website all the time so I guess that I don't necessarily need some free footyutbe downloader.
Might be willing to also pay for a footyube downloader or recorder, as long as the price is right and it does a good job whenever I need to capture, download, convert and save Footyube videos.

Will look for other footytube downloaders myself so if I find a good one of course will let u know.

Hmm again, was looking round this real player website but I can't manage to find any real player gold round there, maybe i am looking in the wrong place.

As far as I noticed indeed they have some sort of app that can capture and download streaming videos or something like that, but it's subscription based and it's 5 bucks a month.
This just does no seem that convenient to me.

 Footytube is a nice football website, I always watch the football game videos on this website when I miss them on tv. But honestly never crossed my mind to record or capture Footytube videos, but from now on I guess I'll start to find a Footytube Downloader which could capture and download football videos from Footytube.
Still, I don't think we need a special Footytube Recorder, I guess that the ways we are using to download and record Youtube videos will work to record footytube videos too.
Maybe some online video downloaders could be some good ways to capture and download or record footytube videos and also I guess there are online video converters which could convert football videos from footytube for your cell phone. :)

Yeah, well thanks also for your suggestion. I have tried a couple of these online video downloader websites that can act as  footytube downloaders.

As I might have already mentioned, these seem interesting but they just don't do a good job when I try to record, convert and save footytube videos for my cell phone.

I am pretty sure that there are also other solutions that could help you capture, download and save Footytube videos in no time and that don't require you to install some footytube downloader app or something like that which you would use only when you need to download and save footytube videos to your hard disk.

There are also a lot of online video downloader websites and you might find a couple of these online video downloaders that could save footytube videos for you.

Try this one, for example:


Since it can download and save flash videos from several streaming video websites, try it to see if it works for that footytube website as well.

Well yeah this benderconverter website would be a good footytube downloader probably, the only problem is that it doesn't always work to record, download and save footytube videos to pc.
Or maybe I am doing something wrong, dunno really.

I tried it just the other day cause I wanted to see how it works to capture and convert footytube videos for cell phone and the weird thing is that I actually  can record and save some footytube videos but  it also happened a few  times  not to be able to download the footytube video I wanted.

I don't understand why it doesn't work all the time to capture, convert and save footytube videos, but anyways I guess I'll have to skip it.
I do need a reliable footytube downloader and converter.


8 years ago

What browser do you have? For Firefox, there is an add-on that lets you do that. It is called video download helper. To use it, you just go onto the website with the video that you want to download, click the button next to the address bar, and your set! Hope I could help!

Well, hmm I actually like opera more than firefox and use it  most of the time, though I guess I could try mozilla and see how it goes to capture, download and save Footytube videos with that video download helper add-on or whatever it's called.
One question though: does this one also have some sort of video converter built in that I could maybe afterwards use to convert and save Footytube videos for cell phone ?

Maybe I'll get lucky and find some footytube downloader add-on for opera or something like that, would rather use opera to help me capture, download and save Footytube videos to pc and maybe even to convert Footyube videos for cell phone since I like this one better.

I use Firefox and have the video helper mentioned above and it will not download flash videos such as you are trying to download.  I wish it did though.

Hmm, to be honest I haven't heard of this one either,even though this is also for firefox I'll take a look at it.
Maybe it works for me to save footytube videos.

I downloaded "flashgot".  I would catch the ads but not the video.  It says there was an error.

But after downloading it now my "realplayer" gets it.