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How to redo your room Answered

all right so i've been wanting to completely redo my room for a while ~i'm getting rid of my desk/bookcase for more room and replacing them with neon wooden shelves i made i think other people might have this question too so please answer if you can, maybe you could make an instructable for something in it. WHAT ARE SOME WAYS I CAN REDO MY ROOM? and i want it to represent my creativity but i'm not allowed to paint the walls and so i'm really stuck Please help :)


Make a post-it mosaic!

Build big things. Take small objects and build big ones as decorative pieces in your room. It's quite interesting having a big Thwomp in your room. (unfortunately, mine died).

You could spend some time alone in your room, rasterbating.

(Seriously, follow the link, it's cool.)

And rasterbating takes forever. It's not like, "I've got a spare five minutes, I'll rasterbate." It's more like, "I have five extra hours, and the only interesting thing on TV is QVC, so I'll rasterbate while watching geeks selling televisions."

Is it better than blockposters? I've used that in the past, and I've loved it.

haha, i know what that is, made your comment much the funny.