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How to reduce noise like baby crying in my home office so I can work on the telephone from home? Answered

I will begin telecommuting and I have a 2 month old baby and a 2 yr old.  A noise cancelling mic will reduce some sound but I want to make sure customers can't hear my household noise coming from other parts of the house.  What can I do to reduce sound to the home office I set up in the extra bedroom?  I am in a rental property and cannot make permanent structural changes.


If your children are crying then you need to do something about it, not ignore it. You shouldn't be working whilst ignoring kids who may need you.

If you can get a head-set with a mouthpiece, you may find that it can't "hear" much beyond your head, your hands are free, and you could probably find a mute-button for when you need to speak to the kids for a moment.


Wow, Really surprised that you are short sighted enough to believe I would just ignore 2 small children while I work. My 2 small children would have a babysitter to attend to them while I work at I an still enjoy the priviledge of being on premise while I work. I wonder when you go to work at work brick and mortar job are you considered to be ignoring your kids if they cry at home? Maybe working is ignoring their needs for things like food, shelter, and clothing????

Truthfully, offended by your answer. The constructive part of your answer though wasn't much help but thanks for trying.

You didn't say that you had a baby-sitter; they should help keep the noise-down. I'd made an assumption that because you were at home with the kids you wouldn't be paying for childcare. You shouldn't be offended as I meant none.
What do you think about a headset?


Thank you for the clarification and I apologize that I was snippy. Yes a babysitter will keep down some avoidable noise yet I consider the 2 month old crying to be unavoidable; babies cry it's just a fact of life. Maybe it's more a factor of the paper thin walls or my place not yet being fully furnished but sound does carry to the other rooms here. It's not a deafening roar but still distinguishable. For professionalism and as a requirement of the company I work for, it should not be apparent to the person on the other end that I am working in a home environment.

I will be using a headset with a noise canceling microphone. I've used them before but before I had a small baby. Any comments from the cyber community on how well those work would be greatly appreciated. I just figured to make sure my office is professional, I'd like to barely hear it noise cancellation or not. Thanx again


5 years ago

A hallow door will leak a lot of sound. try hanging a sleeping bag over the door to start. Also remember to seal the door at the bottom with a towel to test. If that worked get some egg crate foam and cover the door. If you needed to you could staple egg crate foam to the walls as well. It can be purchased by the roll and comes in a few color shades.


A band I lived with once hung large quilts over all of the walls & windows. It did cut down on the frequency of noise complaints.

You can probably hang a rail across the top of the wall, then hang foam/quilts off of that.

I believe you can get smart phones with an extra mic - they pick up external noises and remove them from the sound the normal mic transmits.

Otherwise, you may have to build a free-standing cubicle within which to work.