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How to reduce the viscosity of honey without diluting the taste? Answered

Question says it all. Ideas, Ibles that have that information, etc is greatly appreaciated.



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Do you need the viscosity reduced permanently? Then you do need to "dilute" it somewhat, by adding water or some other liquid, as Lemonie wrote below. Given how "potent" honey is, a small amount of water shouldn't be noticeable. If you just need it more fluid temporarily, for blending into a recipe or drink, then just heat it up. I recommend Flashflint's recommendation of a hot water bath, rather than microwaving. The latter is notoriously non-uniform.

Hello Kelsey, I would like this idea a lot, but I am concerned that the water is not what was being made previously. One reason is we smoked the product directly after applying it, and it did not seem to like there was an evaporation factor. I have been given a idea that due to the current trend towards vaporizing cigarettes that maybe if a small amount of vaporizing fluid with either the tobacco component removed might be the way to go, but I've never tried it. If anyone's tried it. I would like to hear from them

hello guys,

Good morning.

I just want to ask if there is any way on how to make a dark honey into light one without breaking the thick viscosity.

Thank you

When I was young in the mid-70s. I would be able to get honey oil, which was marijuana oil that had a thinner viscosity than what I can find today. This product you were able to actually poor onto pot to be smoked. How can a person get that viscosity? Back in the 70s the pot wasn't terribly great good pot was expensive and hard to get. You could get Colombian by the bucket loads, but ended up with more stems and seeds on the record album, then weed what was odd is like I said, the Honeywell was great. The Thai sticks were big and fat and woods be sticky like well-done pasta. You also could get good Libyan hash with the stamped emblazoned on the front I've been looking forever, but cannot find a recipe for good Honeywell please help.

I just beat the pulp out of my honey for a minuet or two :-)


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For future use: agave nectar has a great honey-like taste without the viscosity. I use this instead of honey when I want to stir it into beverages, salad dressings, etc. without having to heat it up.

By the way, if you do dilute it with water, you may need to add some more sugar (like corn syrup) and acid (pure citric acid or lemon juice).

Close that jar and run it under hot water, or set it in a container of hot water,

Add water. Not diluting the taste is like asking "how to reduce the sugar content without reducing the sweetness" - you'd need to add something as well. You should find that a little water won't make much difference - but you could look at supermarket-liquid honey for extra ingredients. L

Microwave it for a few seconds? That is how you get it out of the jar when it hardens.