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How to reglue my steering wheel's leather covering? Answered

The upper part of my steering wheel's leather covering has become unglued from its metal under-frame; it now rotates partly around that frame.

Any suggestion as to what type of glue I could use, and how I could get it between that leather covering (which is sewn on) and the frame ?


Thanks for the suggestions till now. I should point out that the steering wheel's leather covering is stil fully in place. Part of my problem is how to get whichever glue under the covering; something like an injection syringe would be great, as it would prevent me from having to unsew the covering to install glue and then resewing the leather in place...

i would suggest rubber cement it would work the best it is also pretty cheap to unless you want to go to an auto place and spend more money for practically the same thing

I would recommend a contact cement type of adhesive. It's flexible, tolerates high car temperatures, and sticks to most things -- just make sure its applied properly. pry between the leather and metal, goop some in the hole, keep it pried open for 10 minutes until it 'tack' dries, then restick it.