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How to remove comments ? Answered

I'm wondering if i can delete comments that i do not like in my instructable?


It's not possible that you do it yourself. There would be a lot of unfair censorship if we were allowed to remove comments we don't like. However, if those comments are offensive or incompatible with the rules of the site, you are free to "flag" them. Someone from the site will eventually control if they are suitable, and will eventually remove them for you.

I don't think it's fair that you can't delete comments left on an Instructable. The author of the Instructable should have the right to remove inappropriate or unwanted comments as they are the person responsible for the Instructable in the first place and it's their name that appears at the top. (Of course, they also need to obey the rules and not make offensive comment).
I've never felt the need to delete a comment before but someone had posted an advertisement for their product as a comment on my 'ible. I DON'T endorse their product and I do not want to be seen to be advertising it. I want to delete the comment, as I would on my website, but there is not the option. I will flag it, but if it doesn't get removed quickly, I'll have to delete the 'ible as I have a strict non-commercial policy on all my products & sites.

Any unacceptable comment should be immediately flagged, but please do not expect the comment to disappear instantly, as flags are reviewed by human beings working to, approximately, Californian business hours. A certain delay is inevitable.

However, if a comment is openly offensive, or endangers people in some way, then I suggest you both email HQ at service@instructables.com and contact a member of the Community Team, who may be able to speed thinfs up for you:


Thanks guys for your prompt responses! I guess I thought we had more control over our own 'ibles. 

Mikeasaurus. I did flag the comment as spam. It's still there though, as I guess it's still weekend time in the US. Luckily it's not offensive to the general public.

kelseymh, the 'ible I have the inappropriate comment on is https://www.instructables.com/id/Hook-on-guitar-strap-for-acoustic-guitar/
It's been there for ages, so isn't getting many views now but I feel strongly about being used for unsolicited advertising and the latest comment is blatant advertising. I don't know if I should reply with a disclaimer or if that would give the comment more prominence. 

Kiteman, thanks for your help and good advice as always :)

It's really good to know that there are such helpful and supportive people in the Instructables community. I'll wait a bit longer to see if the comment is removed. 

Ah, I see the comment - that's an individual already on HQ's radar.

Your problem should be fixed now.

Which Instructable (you have many)? Which comment?

As Kiteman explained, once you flag a comment, it takes a human being at I'bles (in California) to actually delete it, some time during normal working hours (Monday through Friday, ~8-ish to ~6-ish California time).

Members of the Community Team can sometimes intervene faster than this, if you ask us about it. Thanks!

The problem that I have is that a comment left on one of my instructables, I have flagged as inappropriate (though it may not be worded inappropriately) but the reason I do not want the comment there is because this guy is harassing me from another site.