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How to remove dried latex paint from denim jeans? Answered


Leave it, it looks cool.

might be a bit to late :) but just let it dry out the last thing you won't is for it really get a hold of the fabric when it has dried out then just scrape it off with your fingers. had some latex spilt on my brand new pair of levies’ the first day i had them on and I came right of after i waited for it to dry

Use Eco-strip - shifts paint off stuff, but doesn'tdamage people or fabric.


Just an idea, not sure if it will help, but possibly worth a try:

Try to cool/freeze your jeans. Either in a refrigerator or with a can of 'ice spray'.

If you are lucky, the cold latex gets brittle and can be peeled of.

Maybe try some baby oil on it. But I agree with the others, pretty tough to get off.

Once thoroughly dried, it's quite difficult to do by conservative means.

You can use a latex remover like gunk-off. Nasty stuff though. I've used it in the past. It WILL dissolve the dried latex paint, but it takes quite a few washes to remove the stench. And honestly, I simply do my darned to avoid the problem now, since I not only dislike the stink of latex remover, but I cannot imagine for a second that it's all that environmentally responsible to use it. Hindsight and all that..

My solution is (a) don't paint in clothes that I care about messing up, and (b) after painting, IMMEDIATELY toss clothes into washing machine to remove as much as possible while it can still be dissolved with water.

That doesn't help the querant, though. I agree with the others: Once dry, it's pretty durable (designed to be, after all).


7 years ago

Soak them in water and detergent overnight and then, while still wet, scrub with a very stiff bristle brush. That will remove most of the larger blobs and reduce the stiffness of the fabric but you'll likely never completely remove all of the paint.

Almost impossible,