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How to remove electron gun from an old tv? Answered

There is currently two old tube tv's on my street and i have already scavenged components like the flyback and 400v cap, but i was wondering if there was any way i could remove the electron gun for experimentation in vacuums. If anyone could explain it to me or post a link to vid, instructable or webpage it would be very helpful.


You COULD do it, if you cut the neck of the tube off with diamond saw.

FIRST you have to break the tube vacuum - wear gloves and eye protection, and break the nipple at the end of the tube, where the gun connections are.

thanks for the response, i was hoping there may be some screw or latch, but i guess its pretty messy. and i am not sure if i wanna risk injury smashing it open, i have heard of a myth that the vacuum will cause it to implode and then glass shards fly everywhere.

Its not a myth, but the procedure I outlined is perfectly safe. Use a small pair of pliers to nip the vac-down tube and you'll here air hiss in for a few seconds - then the tube is pretty safe.

when you say nip the vac-down tube do you mean crack open the tube or is there some sort of vacuum release valve.

LOOK at the tube, right on the back, where the wires leave there is a tiny spike - that's where the tube was vacced. Nip that.