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How to remove the copper layer/film from a PCB ??? Answered

Hi ... do you know, how to remove the copper layer from a PCB - by not using any ETCHING METHOD. Just to separate the cooper from plastic/f.glass ???

Do you think, that HEAT would do the trick ??? Like when you hold soldering tip to long on a pcb, it can happen that the cooper film become loose from the PCB.

Thank you in advance.


P.S. : The reason, why I asked = I was thinking of creating/extending a "ribbon cable" :
1. remove the copper film
2. stick it to the foil, that you can laminate
3. put the "ribbon cable pattern" on the film and ETCH it.
4. laminate it ... and cut the just the top of the laminate foil at the ends, so you have clear cooper for the contacts, but the bottom laminate film as a support.


Buy flexible PCB material ? You can get small pieces off Ebay/

yup. that's what I'd do. stripping useful lengths of copper foil from FR4 is a royal pain. I've done it and it's usually not worth the trouble.

You COULD get selfadhesive copper foil from a craft shop, its used to make stained glass effects.


Or...now that I think of it, one of those circuit repair kits, although I can't remember if they include track material as well as pads...

Do they still exist ? I haven't seen them for years !

I think so. it's too early (sorta) for me to care to perform a search, since I can't recall the mfg. As long as people keep making thruhole, People still have to repair pads

I have some I got for a project. Cheap off ebay! The craft shops I went to all wanted £5 a roll.


I have no idea if this would work, but what about dissolving the PCB away from the copper with an epoxy solvent? Even if it works, it sounds like way more trouble than it's worth, when you can just buy copper foil instead.

You can use a sharp-knife. Other than that, maybe aggressive-paint-stripper. Try a DCM-Methanol mix (in a well-ventilated area) or strong caustic-soda (lye) with much care.