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How to remove thinset from an enamel tub floor.? Answered

Crappy contractors made a mess of a tile job and allowed thinset to fall into our tub and dry there.  I was able to scrap everything off, but there has been this grey haze on teh tub floor between the raised grippy bits.  It looks like the tub is always dirty.  

I've been generally annoyed with this for years...well now we are selling and need to take action.

I have tried:

elbow greese
scouring powders

Was wondering if I could use phosphoric or HCl on it.  I used phosphoric before to remove haze from unsealed ceramic tile.  Your collective wisdom is greatly appreciated.



6 years ago

Thinset is one of the most difficult things to fully remove. This is why it must be washed several times off the tiles while its still wet. Since it's been a few years and you're now selling, you have a couple options. One is to redo the tub with a new coat of enamel. It's not really a DIY project, but it can be done on your own with the right tools and materials. The other option is to just buy a large bath mat and cover the offending haze and hopefully no one notices. I know its not the most honest method, but people try and get away with a lot worse when selling homes. If the new buyers do notice the issue, you may have to drop a couple hundred dollars off the price to satisfy the costs to have the tub re-enameled. At any rate, I don't think your tub will lose you a sale.


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks, that is what I was going to try next. What you say is dilute? 1 molar or even less?


Answer 6 years ago

I'd go for less, and I think I'd still do a colour test somewhere innocuous, if you can find one.

The stuff sold as brick cleaner isn't 1M is it ?