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How to repair a charge port on a Samsung Black Jack i607 Cell Phone?? Answered

i tried to charge it with a wall charger and usb charger.....
but it wont charge....  


 I have the same problem! i think it is the phone charger port for my particular case though. Sometimes if i angle it a certain way it charges for a couple seconds and then it stops. It's such a hassle.

What happened to the right charger?


And what was it's spec'?

thank you for your reponse..
i tried two original chargers....
and the same thing, nothing happends the phone doesnt turn on.... and i dont have another battery to see if the battery is the problem.. 

You know that you might be right in thinking it's the battery. The phone won't charge without a battery and I don't believe it will even power-up without one. Can you perhaps find someone with the same phone and borrow their battery for 5 min?


ok, i didnt had time to sign in, but yes, i did tried with a battery and i left it charging for an hour, and it doesnt turn on......  that means its the charge port, right???