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How to repair a mobile phone which has fallen in water ?And how to repair its vibration mode ? Answered


Best way to dry it, is put it in. Ziplock bag full of DRY rice overnight. The rice acts as a desiccant and sucks the moisture out.

I'm not sure exactly how to fix it. I have heard that if you put it in a bag of rice immediately after the fall into water, that should help. If you need additional help you can contact Fix it Fast Cellular and they might be able to help you

Did you take the battery out INSTANTLY ?


no.. i tried restarting d phone... it switched on thn switched off

Its dead.. you can try to dry it, but it will probably be dead

Then the water probably caused a short circuit and you have ruined it. For the future, always remember: if some electric device gets wet, remove it from the mains or the battery as fast as possible. Wait until it is completely dried out before trying to turn it on again.

One thing i know is, do NOT turn on the phone and wait for it to dry out completely.