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How to replace BT Headphone Batteries? Answered

Hi, I own an Alcatroz Airwave 300 for 6 months and I have issues with battery. I always use it when I got home from school, doing homeworks, doing household chores, even going out to the public. I always charged it until its full but they only last for 2 1/2 hours. Recently, I noticed that my battery discharges easily. It doesn't last for 5 mins. So I decided to open the headphone where the battery and bluetooth module was installed, then the battery inflated and exploded. I was lucky that i'm not hurt but then I had no money to replace those. The warranty on this thing voided so I got no choice but to replace it. One day, I was looking for a potential replace for my headphones then I found my old nokia. It's display was damaged but the battery is still good. After 6 years of owning it, I can't believe that my Nokia battery still runs good as new. I thought to myself "why not". Also there is another problem, I don't even know how to solder a simple wire. I have the basic equipment so I need your thoughts and advice including how to do it.

Note: before the battery exploded. I lost my receipt after I puchased it, without it, then I have no free warranty. Plus these thing were the last of its batch ever sold as a bluetooth portable headphone.



5 months ago

So you mean I can't use them as a replacement? I'm just being cautious of what I might done wrong.

I accidentally turned on a Nokia phone after almost 5 years of it not being charged. 5 Years and the battery didn't drain itself!

Ok you already know how to take it apart.

Lipo batteries in general only explode of they are abused, in fact it is quite hard to get them to perform this trick (check Youtube)

You need a similiar, ideally a replacement, battery for them . Take care to connect the wires the same way round - It matters to the electronics.

The battery you had should have a number on it, if not you will have to search ebay etc to see if anyone is selling a suitable battery.

Your problem with another battery is the voltage must be the same. The capacity (Ahr) may be more of even less but the voltage MUST be the same.