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How to repurpose a metal school desk Answered

I have five metal school desk. I would like to repurpose them into something but I am brain blocked in what I can do with them. 
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. 


Dont know where you live but certain species of birds might like to attend your school. Remove the legs from two of the desks(you can add more desks later). Save the legs for lumber storage-narrow end and glue on scrap bike inner tube to the top rails for saw horses.Cut 4 or 5 half in. thick boards to the front/back top/bottom inside dimensions of the desk.Install(snugly) with adhesive. Power grab is good water base caulk and non toxic when dry. Cut a face board to cover the opening. Attach with hinge on one side and clasp on the other. Hole saw bit for the openings,smaller drilled hole below for the dowel perch. Both desks done, soap and water clean the top of one and the bottom of the other.now lay the caulk to one clean surface (heavy "s" bead) and press the two together with the openings opposed. If you see spring back when you take hand pressure off, weight the top or use clamps. Any caulk squeeze at this stage removes with a moist towel. Let it set up over nite. Attach a threaded pipe flange to underside of bottom with self tapping screws.Get a length of threaded pipe (check with local authorities on how high your birds like to be) and install so your view includes both sides. OR..OR bright color decal legs,sides and back, cover the top with mouse pad material, and sell them as lap top stations for kids.

Hmmmmm... maybe make them project desks where you can store all your stuff/scraps for future use. Add some LEDs at the top in a design. Cut them up into scraps to use for other things.