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How to retrieve phone number of incoming call/sms to gsm module? Answered

I would like to find phone number incoming call or sms to gsm module with arduino. I am using SIM800. How can I find it?

I have tried with AT+CLIP=1 n AT+CLCC but i didn't get it..!!
Thanks in Advance..!!


Where did you find the AT command to do that ? Is it possible its different for your module ?

Actually I found those commands in some sites, But its not working. But am getting date,time, mble nbr when i call to gsm module. But am not getting how to get phone nbr from that..

Only a few modules support that, so for obvious reasons it would be best to start by checking what commands are used by your module.
And don't forget the linefeed commands at the beginning and end of each command ;)