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How to reuse the TV dish cable co Axial plug/connector Answered

can some one tell me how to reuse the TV dish cable co Axial plug; i want to take out the existing cable and connect with the new one. please suggest me ASAP?



1 year ago

I know this is old, but I will add my 2 cents in case it helps someone else...

To me, it looks like it probably compresses away from the ahead, but the ones I have compress towards the head, model EX6. For mine I used a vice to hold the compression ring, and used pliers to pull the head to slide the ring down. Then, just pulled the cable out. Sometimes, if you tighten the vice too tight it can warp the compression ring some, but If that happens I just use the vice to round it back out by compressing the peaks a little.


6 years ago

The real problem is not the outside of the cable so much as the little wire in the middle. The tip that is on the inside of the connector is crimped to the center wire. Depending on whether you have the male or the female, when putting these together after striping the wire to the proper length you first put the tip on the bare inner wire and then crimp it. If you are doing a really good job you are suppose to add a touch of solder but we never found that to be necessary. After that is crimped in place its centered in the outer part of the connector with the shielding wire connecting to the coupling. Then the connector sleeve is crushed to a tight fit to hold everything in place. Finally some type of shrink wrap or tape is put on to weather proof it. Once done its supposed to be permanent, not made to disassemble. We bought these in bulk by the bag full. they are not expensive. The crimp tool can be a little pricey though.

frollard is right.
The crimper is pretty cheap nowadays & usually comes with a few connectors.
Dont forget to get the stripper too.

If it's the kind I've seen around here it's a friction fit and designed to only ever be used once. The crimper uses considerable force to jam the wire into the back side of the connector. You might be able to pull the old wire out with pliers, stripping and preparing the new wire should be easy enough; except getting it on without the crimper will be rather difficult.

See if the blue plastic bit unscrews.