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How to reverse the rotation of a vacuum cleaner motor? Answered

I'm possession of a vacuum cleaner engine and I'm trying to reverse its rotation..
So far I've tried reversing it's polarity with no success but I looked up the 2 ICs on it's chip and it has a
555 timer and a 7-stage binary counter.
(see: http://www.standardics.nxp.com/products/hef/datasheet/hef4024b.pdf)

There are only 2 wires running to the engine from the chip so I presume there is no feedback.

Furthermore there is a potentiometer hooked up to both the ICs which regulates the speed of the engine (and no AD convertor as far as I can tell) so the voltage changes the PWM output as the engine is rated 230V.

All ideas are welcome =)

(I can't supply you with pictures right now, sorry)


The use of resin to make a new housing would be an idea yes; but the housing I have right now has a perfect rubber ring which I could fit a hose in very snugly.
I was only hoping that reversing the engine would be an easy process but I can't find any info on it (plus I was interested in its workings).

If I can't get it to reverse I'll do it your way =)

Oh and it's an AC vc btw, I believe the 555 timer and counter are responsible for the PWM

I'm puzzled by the control set-up on yours, mine had a DIAC controller. Anyway, like me you want "blow instead of suck? It's the fan that's wrong not the direction your motor turns. I should think that like mine it's a type of centrifugal fan, so it's going to suck (no pun intended) which ever way it spins, it'll just suck better in one direction. L

Yeah, my motor is similar to the one in your 'ible (with the exception of the circuit).
I think I'm gonna do it your way... Thank you for your input =D

Best of luck - it took me ages to do that... I had originally tried to use the vacuum-cleaner casing but it's tough stuff to cut, and it leaked, and things weren't in the right place etc... L

I am not into mechanical , but why cant we suggest fitting the fan in opposite direction with proper screw it up.
Yes it takes a little modification to fan,

Other wise one more suggestion we can have a three way small electronic switch used in normal Battery (Torch Light).

If it's a brushed motor, just swap the wires round from the carbon brush holders, and the motor will run backwards, but as mentioned previously, the nut holding the fan on will work loose if the motor runs backwards and could cause damage and/or injury...

Is it a Nand gate that will invert the 555's output, therfore reverse. Might be wrong

I don't think that reversing the direction of the motor rotation is a safe thing to do. All of the vacs that I have worked on have the centrifugal fan secured to the motor shaft by a nut. If you reverse motor rotation,then the nut will eventually work loose and the fan will come off and damage the casing, and expose you to flying fragments. That being said, If you wanted to reverse the direction of the motor WITHOUT THE FAN MOUNTED, then swapping the wire leads on the carbon brushes should do the trick. .

Why? Do you need rotation in both directions? Why not do it mechanically?

No I only need it to rotate in one direction, but the blade inside can't be placed upside down. (that and I can't open the casing without breaking it)