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How to revive a dead/not recognized USB Flash disk? Answered

I got two usb flash disk; 4gb and 2gb.

The 2gb can't be recognized by any PC and OS.
The 4gb, whenever I put files, the files will disappear or it will be destroyed. Both Transcend branded.


You can try reformatting the sticks that's about all but they may be dead.

Can't reformat a drive that is not recognized by the system!

Sounds like 2GB drive needs reformatting. The 4GB drive is either dead or not being properly ejected.

In light of your comment about files disappearing, I can't say for sure that  this will work for you, but I've fixed a few (3 to be exact, and one of them on several occasions during its very well used and abused life) in the past.

What happens more often than not is that the solder connections between the pcb and the connector fail due to repeated insertion/extractions, along with being accidentally bent up/down while inserted.

The case is usually the most difficult part. You need to very carefully "crack" it open by working with an exacto and a magnifier.

Once open, use the magnifier again to examine the solder connection.

If you're a good and careful solderer, you should be able to repair any damage you find., even broken tracks. (hint wire-wrap wire)

once fixed, tested, and known working, use a small amount of superglue, applied using a large needle, to the case edges and reglue the case back together over the pcb.