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How to revive & care for my Calathea SurpriseStar? Answered

I am new Urban Botanist and I recently bought Calathea SupriseStar as a houseplant. Clearly they are very very attractive house plant.

But I have managed to make some of their leaves very very crunchy & some are droopy.

I know they do not like light much, I have kept them aware from window sill & providing them with indirect sunlight.

I do live in the UK, so this means the flat does get a bit cold & when the heater is switched on - it does get a bit dry. I try to generate humidity & mist the leaves.

What can I do to revive the droopy & crispy leaves. I absolutely love this plant, want to do what it does to fix it.




Here are some requirements for Calathea plant care.

  • First thing, these plants only need a moderate amount of light. Although they love humidity and tropical areas, no direct sunlight needed filtered light is best. Too direct of sunlight will change the leaf color and cause burning of the leaves.
  • The ideal temperature for the Calathea is 60 to 70 degrees F. If a warmer room is involved, however, you will need to increase the humidity, which is discussed next.
  • These plants thrive with high humidity you may have to create an artificial environment to accommodate this. This is done by putting the pot mix on a tray filled with rocks or pebbles, also known as pebble tray. Also, you can actually just run a humidifier near them.
  • Keep the soil moist but don’t wet their feet. When the few top inches of soil are dry but deep down is still moist water again. Let the water reach room temp before using. This is accomplished by letting the water stand for about 15 minutes at this point it can be used. Over watering can lead to drooping leaves, and limp, rotting stems.
  • Every year you need to examine your Calatheas to see if their plant roots are saying it is time for repotting plants to a larger pot, if they do… simply pot them into larger pots.
  • Also, Calatheas do not like drafty rooms either. In too cold of climates, you will need to use greenhouses or only grow inside as a house plant. If grown outside though make sure to use plenty of compost for drainage and plant in the shade to keep the leaves from getting burned.
  • You can propagate these plants by separating them into sections and pot the sections. Do this in the spring when you check them for repotting.

Hi Rick,

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

I have updated pictures of my plant. Do you think I can revive them back to life?

Plants are now indoors. I water & miss them to ensure the soil is not too dry.

Sometimes, when I go to work the flat gets a bit cold as I live in the UK. Is that OK?

So the temperature in the flat is anywhere between 10C - 20C.

Also, should I cut the leaves where they have gone dry & crispy?



As it says above keep your plant at 15 to 21 dec C

Avoid draughts

water as it says above

check to see if it need repotting.

If you do this it should thrive.

Thanks I will do the same.

Should I prune the crispy edges on the leaves? Some websites suggest cutting off the crispy edges and that the leaves would still grow. If this is not advisable, could you recommend how I should prune them?

try cutting back the brown edges. If the leaf dies then trim it off.

The plant will survive as long as not too many leaves are trimmed off or die.

Uploading images of my Calathea