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How to rip video from hulu? Answered

hulu is streaming their video in RTTP and it's impossible to download it as flash, like you do when video streamed normally, via HTTP. Is there any way to rip it after all?


I tried several video capturing software, I love JCopia as it cheaper than the majority like Jaksta and captures video from much more sites. Most of tools are buggy. Try JCopia http://jiteco.com/jcopia.html

JCopia does NOT work. It captures the ads but it does NOT kick in when the actual content you want starts.


6 years ago

I have tried some of the software recommended here. I found that some of them are using the method to record video from computer screen, which works like screen capture software. I don’t like this way to go, since I have to be very cautious with the PC screen and I almost can’t have other activities with it. Terrible,

but fortunately I also found workable software to capture Hulu videos, just open the wanted video and then the video will be added into the download list. I think it’s super easy for a new downloader like me.

So you want download hulu vidoeos, I think the site http://www.huludownloader.net get waht you needed. To download Hulu or any other online web .flv formats videos streaming their video in RTTP. Moreover, you can convert the downloaded video to iPhone , iPod , BlackBerry , iPad or apple TV, many other portable devices. Get the url, Hulu Downloader

There is a program called StreamTransport.com which will download from Hulu.

It is the only one I have found that works.
(Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with StreamTransport, I just use the program).

I have tried replay and a whole load of other streaming media recorders and Jaksta is still the only one that is doing Hulu.
Jaksta is for sure whet you need and its under 30 bucks....Bargain!

Go to keepvid.com. Also, in another window, open hulu.com. In hulu, oopen the video you want to play, and wait for it to load completely. copy the url, and past it into keepvid. click ok or submit, and you'll get two links. one is an flv file, one is an mp4 file. right click on one of them to save file as... and save it to your computer. you may need a special player, or you can download an flv converter to change it to mp3 or wmv format.

There is a program called Replay Media Cather, I have not tried it but though research it seems that it streams videos through your browser and records them. It does cost 30$, but there are creative ways to get around that...