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How to round to taper vinyl tubing Answered

So there's this project I'm working on, and I need to be able to taper (or round off) some 1/4 inch clear vinyl tubing (figure 1).
I tried using heat to taper the tubing, but all that did was make it the opposite and be enlarged (figure 2).
What I'm trying to do is round it off (figure 3), I already tried sanding the tubing, and I tried shaping it with heat, but to little success.

Does anyone know an easy and effective way to achieve something like what figure 3 shows? Preferably using (more or less) household items/tools.



3 years ago

Heat tube uniformly near the end.

Pull end of tube, so that a neck forms .

Let cool.

Cut through neck, now the end is tapered.


3 years ago

The only way I know is to insert a smaller tube (usuall thes sizes are made to fit) to stabilise the outer one.
Heat the front of the outer one and make sure the inner tube is just behind the heated area.
Press the entire thing into a cone shaped mould and you are done once it is cooled down and sanded.
For the cone sometimes a glass is good, metal funnel or if in doubt carve one out of an old piece of wood.