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How to run a 20" flatscreen tv with a portable power source? Answered

I'm wondering how to run a 20" flat screen tv on a portable power source. Would something like a car batter work? Or like a billion 9 volts? I need to be able to take the TV outside and walk around with it for about an hour at a time.


I'm planning on walking around Memphis malls with the tv strapped to me while broadcasting the dolphin killing in Taiji, Japan ( www.savejapandolphins.org ) while handing out flyers with information on them.

The tv I will be using has a built in DVD player.

Could someone explain to me how to connect a 12volt inverter to a car battery please?


I thought about my laptop but its really not big enough. I don't mind lugging a car battery around if its any bit possible, I'd probably put it in back pack and carry it that way I guess.

If you don't mind the weight get a 12V inverter unit.


 Umm, may I ask what you hope to acomplish with +120lb of gear? A car or boat battery should do fine, just make sure you have an inverter. You also need a source of media (ie antenna, dvd player, ipod with A/V connection).

Laptops manage don't they?
You could hack the thing, and run it from a laptop-battery, but I think that if you were happy to do that you'd be asking how to do that. Unless you're either happy to lug a car-battery and inverter about (easliy done if inconvenient) or hack your TV - forget it.


A car battery and an inverter should work, but forget about being able to walk.