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How to run stereo receiver through a mixing board.? Answered

i have a stereo receiver that I need to run through my mixers (my only speakers plug into the mixer.) How would I do that?


There will probably be a output (which would be considered a line out) on the receiver probably labeled record out. This will probably be RCA. Use an adapter to convert it into two mono 1/4 in jacks and plug that into a stereo input on your mixer. Since you have a mixer, I assume you would know the basics already, but all of the instructables I have written so far are about sound design. The one that is closest to the subject in this question would be "How to run an analog sound board". If you are interested in looking at these, click my name, and you will be taken to my profile.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I have been an audio engineer for many years, and am happy to help! :)

As RickHarris says, use either the Line Out (1st choice) or the headphone jack (2nd choice) from the receiver. From these you want to go into the UnBalanced Line In on the mixer.

Line Out is a fixed output, you cannot change the level on it. This is why it is preferable because you do all the level control from the mixer.
The headphone output's level is controlled from the volume on the receiver and you have to mess with it to get it right, and it can be bumped or inadvertantly changed by accident. AND it is then controlled by the mixer level.

Cables are up to you as to what your connectors are. You can buy just about any combo you need. Look for them on line.


You may have a line on to plug into a suitable input otherwise your going to have to use the headphone output and suitable plugs/leads.

You may fin this output is a little high and a low impedance for the mixer soetimes it works sometimes it's hard.

My friend uses the headphone output from his laptop into a mixer for his disco with no problems at all.

What kind of outputs does the receiver have? What mixer do you have?

Basically you will take the output of the stereo and plug it into an input on the mixer. Depending on your stereo's plugs and the available plugs on the mixer will determine what adapters and cables you will use.