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How to scale papercraft and where to print? Answered

We are planning to do several models from Star Wars as Halloween Costumes.

I have a papercraft model of an AT-ST, Darth Vaders Tie Fighter, and an Xwing. And potentially a millenium Falcon.

These are currently 1/16" models. 

Our plan is to scale them up to about 6 feet to use as a pattern then put them over cardboard or corrugated board.

What is the best/cheapest way to achieve this? I have them in a locked .pbo file and in pdf



Best Answer 5 years ago

I suppose you could try using Rasterbator to create poster-sized versions - you'd print it out as A4 tiles, glue the sheets together, and then work from there.


5 years ago

Project them with a video projector onto the bigger paper ?


5 years ago


Or you can simply take the model, Draw a grid over it in pencil or something.
Then draw the same grid on a big bit of paper at the required scale:

So to increase size by x 2

Draw small squares at 0.5 inch and big squares at 1 inch

The copy the lines in each square to the bigger grid.

My printer will print out on multi sheets which I can stick together to make big print.

Depending on the complexity - a ruler and protractor should allow you to redraw the models.