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How to seal liquid leakage between 1/2inch pvc pipe and 2 liter bottles? Answered

For the project I am making, I need to make sure there is absolutely no leakage from liquid between sticking 1/2inch pvc pipe into a 2 liter bottle. I need to know how this might be accomplished. 


Can you put the pipe through a hole the bottle cap? If so, you could place a rubber washer or O-ring around the pipe, and under the cap. When you screw the cap onto the bottle, the washer will expand under pressure and form a seal. If the pipe is too large for the cap, you might try using smaller tubing and then transition to PVC with an adapter fitting.

jb weld, and use a fair amount. should hold any pressure a sane person would attempt to use.

Heat. Depending on what your use and how you have it set up, you caoul use heat on either the PVC or the bottle to shrink fit them to get a better fit. Rubber washers also seem to be a choice that plumbers have depended on for a while.


7 years ago

You didn't mention if this is going to be under pressure. If its not pressurized and the fit is fairly tight you could get away with nothing more than some wide electrical tape. But I suspect that it will probably require some sealant as well, such as a silicone sealer. Don't use PVC glue, it will eat right through your bottle.