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How to secure plastic to plastic, with clean removal in the future? Answered

I want to attach something plastic to my motorcycle body (also plastic) temporarily. It needs to be pretty secure and preferably water-resistant, but it can't be irreversible. I'd rather not use clear plastic tape since that will be ugly and obvious.

Any ideas?


What is it you want to attach and where on the bike?

How about using transparent bathroom sealant?

You could lay out the lines you want a section at a time and press the EL wire into it, removal should be fairly easy if a little time consuming but its obviously water resistant and it sticks well to smooth surfaces.

I'd test it on a small out if the way area first to make sure it doesn't damage the finish but I doubt it would cause any problems.

Did you find a solution to your problem yet?

Not really, but I have changed the problem for safety reasons. Now I want to attach the EL wire to the outside of a rubber dry bag.

hmmm. and if you stitch it, it wont be waterproof.

there is a superglue removing solvent. ive never used it, so, cant vouch for effectiveness.

whats the worst case scenario if the connection fails?

Nothing serious... probably wire would fall off the motorcycle as I'm driving, I guess it could cause a freak accident but highly unlikely.

hot glue? How much weight, or strain do you anticipate?

That would work, probably, but it's going to be difficult to get a hot glue gun to my motorcycle. Oh well.

you can continue to use a hot glue gun for a while after unplugging it. This is useful if the cord doesnt reach.


2 years ago

I hate to rain on your parade, because it's not a pretty solution, but personally I would go with tiewraps for anything that I really did not want to lose. But then, prettiness is not important with a bike like mine...


Use black tiewraps they survive UV the longest.


Will look into that, thanks!

You have not many options here.
The best I could think off is to use these sticky films used to "quick paint" cars.
A lot of taxis use them too for the same reasons as you.
Once that stuff is on the body of your bike you can fine sand it and glue any form of attachment to it that you need.
For the removal simply heat the foil with a hair dryer to get started and peel off.

Another option might be the adhesive vinyl that removes easily.

Interesting idea. I hadn't thought of applying a second surface to glue on.