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How to see larger pics of Thumbnails Answered

I've been trying to see the larger pictures of thumbnails in instructables but it doesn't work :( I would like to know what I should do to view them...... thanks :)
~Thundersword :)


You have to click on that little [i ] box icon on the image. It will get you to the image library where you can select the different sized images. If they originally uploaded the pic as a small image, then you won't have any higher resolution. This icon does not appear for any images in comments and maybe some forum topic images.

The Icon does not appear for any pics...!!! I tried out different instructables but there were no [i ] boxes any where on the thumbnails.

The little "I" in the upper left corner isn't on the thumbnail, it's on the full-size image. What is supposed to happen is that when you click the thumbnail, the full-size image immediately above changes to show what you clicked on. Then you can use the "i" to get to the image details stored in I'ble's database, including different sizes.

Er... have you tried clicking on them?

yeah I did..... but it doesn't work. I click on it and then I wait but nothing happens..... is that feature for pro members only???

I dont have a pro membership but the "clicking on them" method works just fine. You do have to be logged in but a free membership is enough.

if you are logged in and it still doesnt work see if your ad blocker is blocking the image. (Ad block plus on firefox can block it for example)

That may be it.

@ Thundersword - what browser are you using?

The site is optimised for FireFox, but works OK in IE as well.

it works ok in IE (most of the time) as well.... :-)