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How to send internet packets between two arduinos? Answered

For a project I am working on i am wondering if there is a way to send internet packets between two arduinos. The set up would be to have both arduinos have ethernet shields. One shield is connected to a computer and the other to a router or other internet connection. The arduuinos need to communicate to each other relaying the packets of information between each using for the prototype just wires connected to the digital input and output pins. Also it would be great to have a way to have the arduinos buffer the packets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ok the idea is to have two arduinos each with an ethernet shield. The arduino would each have a laser pointer connected to them pointed to a receiver on the other one. I want to connect a laptop to one arduino and point the laser at the other one and connect that one to the internet and send the connection over the lasers. Does that help explain the question. Basically Wifi using lasers instead of radio waves.


5 years ago

I would use a bluetooth adapter on both the pc and 1 arduino.


Why not connect both to the router? Why would one have to be connected through a PC?