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How to set up a heatsink...not inside a computer? Answered

Im thinking of buying a heatsink with a fan on it. If I dont put it in a computer will it work as long as it has electricity? Will it blow cool air on me if I set it up on a stand?



Best Answer 7 years ago

It will blow room air against you. A heat sink it to take out excess heat from a component and release it into the ambient air. If there is no temp differential there is no heat transfer.

Look into the peltier cooling chips.  They cool on one side and heat on the other when electricity is applied.

So I could use that instead with the same concept? I actually saw that online a few minutes after I posted this question.

Yes. A peltier chip would cool the air you were blowing across it. A head sink won't cool the air any, it works by being cooled by the air blowing across it.

Hey, thnx a lot for the help!

The heat-sink is a piece of metal, designed to shed heat. If you put heat into it and run the fan it will lose the heat and blow warm air.

*It will not blow cool unless you make it cold.*

The fan will blow air if you power it up.
See here for the sort of thing I think you're after: