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How to setup the webcam top give a more real face-face communcation feel during video conferencing? Answered

When we are having with our video-conference with our friends, we always feel that the party is staring down at the screen rather than looking at you. It seems like as if he's not listening to your conversation. Therefore, is there any possible solutions to solve this constraint, so that we will look more natural and trustworthy while video-conferencing?

The image below explains the scenario. Extracted from http://img.tomshardware.com/us/2005/11/02/squeezing_more_life_out_of_your_notebook/msn.jpg




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There are some gadgets out there that would be an easy remake. (a coupel are reviewed here). Basically a periscope (two 45o angle mirrors) to reflect the image from your screen to the front of the camera, then drill a hole in the top mirror so the camera can see through it. (Or use a two way mirror on top, but it will dim your camera.)

Oh wait, there's an Instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Headup-Web-cam-viewer/

You might also look into home made teleprompters. For example this one is almost simply a sheet of glass.

Why not have 2 cameras. One on the rights side and one on the left side of the monitor. Then have the two videos merge into one video. It may have a 3d effect and should give the appearance of face to face line of sight while video conferencing. I don't know how you could technically pull it off though.

I had a similar problem with web conferencing. web conference device matters. Some have several movable points. they give best adjustments. Its a good idea to test the effectiveness and adjustments before buying one.

Thanks alot. It really helps, the most economical method. =)

I like the idea of using a sheet of glass in "teleprompter mode" but that's going to be a little bit of work. Think about this. Get the smallest camera you can find and glue a suction cup to the back of it and stick it on the screen right next to you view of theother person. You could just hang it over the screen top by the wire if it'll hang straight.

Place or clip your webcam to the top of the screen, on the center line, and place your conferencing app near the top of the screen, just below the camera. Finally, sit back while you're talking. Try it. Use your camera app without conferencing and do as suggested above. I think you'll see that you are now looking at yourself, eye to eye or nearly so. Move the app sideways on the screen while observing yourself to find the "sweet spot" Now, when you conference, set your target's view at the same location you found while looking at yourself.

There was a project called "Sparky", a mac-based telepresence robot, that used a flat fresnel lens in from in the camera to re-direct the line of sight towards the face while each person looked at the screen.

Thanks alot =). However, is there any url that has more details about this project ?