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How to sew a sweatband into a hat? Answered

My hat has a sweatband and i think it's a leather band but i'm not sure. My question is: What kind of thread should i use to sew the sweatband and hat back together? The sweatband is coming loose and i want to fix it without using glue, so i need to know what thread to use. Thanks. My hat has hushpuppy inside the top. In the first picture i've attached you can see the band is detached, and i don't know if you can, but in the second picture you should be able to see parts of the logo. Thanks again



3 years ago

I used to use nylon braided fishing line for sowing leather.

You can get it in various thicknesses, some are the same as heavy thread. I used it for repairing my horse tack. It worked really good and was impervious to moisture. Because its braided it's not stiff like monofillament line and it can easily be tied in Knots.

Looks like now it comes in a rainbow of colors.


I would use cotton but that depends on the hat material and band, if leather than only cotton.
For a fabric band you can use sythetic yarn.
If in doubt check how a footbal is stiched, the same can be used for these bands if you want something different.

Sorry for the blurryness in the second photo, but i took them with my phone's camera. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S III from T-Mobile