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How to sew stretch fabric without a serger? Answered

There are quite a few sewing projects that I want to try, but they all use stretch fabric, which I've never worked with before. We have a sewing machine with about 10/12 stitch options but I don't think it can take double needles. Would a zig zag stitch work? Or would I need to use something else as well?


The zig-zag is do-able but I'm a fan of the 3 stitch zig. It's the setting on the machine that looks like a zig-zag but it has multiple stitches within the zig-zag. You get more stretch out of it and it's more durable. The plain zig-zag still has a tendency to snap if you over stretch it. You also don't have to stretch the fabric while you're sewing it.

+1 Zig zag and slightly stretch the fabric as you sew, not too much or you get a frilly edge.

Zig-zag is traditional for stretch fabric. (Websearch "zig zag stitch stretch fabric" for confirmation.)