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How to sharpen metal sled runers on a wood sled? Answered

My wood sled is about 40 yrs old .I want to use it for the grandchildren. The blades are rusty and have never been sharpened.  I am looking for a quick easy fix as I am not very handy. We don't usually get enough snow but this year we could use this sled.

Thank You


Actually, if they are not that bad the snow will clean them... now thats way lazy though and not as good.

Sandpaper on a wooden block, if you want to get real professional about it, look up metal polishing guides on the net, basically, start with coarse paper, work to fine, then use polishing buffs and such.

Paraffin wax works well on runners.

We used to use steel wool to remove the rust, followed by a rubbing with a candle.


8 years ago

Before using any kinds of sandpaper, I'd try a spinning wire brush.  Either the one on a grinding wheel/brush combo if you have one, or even a simple spinning wire brush you attach to your drill (they sell them in the auto-body repair section).

The wire wheel will remove the rust but leave the metal mostly intact.  Then with the rust removed you have the option of waxing the runners as Re-Design suggested.

Have fun!

You would usually use a grindstone. If they are REALLY pitted, then I'd suggest a sanding disk in an angle grinder. If they are NOTCHED deeply, I'd look at an angle grinder and grinding disk. A grinding disk is VERY aggressive though, and very easy to wreck things with, so be careful -an angle grinder will have your fingers if you aren't...


And first you might try just sandpaper on a wood block followed by waxing with car wax.  Ice will fill the pits and it will be smooth sledding from then on.