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How to shrink people? Answered

I just wanna know a way to shrink people. The tallest boy in my class keeps bragging about how tall he is and I want to shrink him to shut him up!


remove all of his skin and then remove all of the fat and such from the under side, then boil the skin in water that's got a bunch of special herbs in it, then wrap the skin around hot rocks and sand to dry it out. repeat this process a couple of times and you've got a shrunken people

They made a couple of movies quite a few years ago about how this home DIY dad did exactly what your looking for. I'm sure you could watch and see how it was done. Check it out and report back on " Honey I shrunk the kids! "

Placing someone on Jupitar would probably shrink them up a bit.....

Yea but then he'd brag about how much he weighs...some people you just cant reach.

Maybe instead of shrinking him, you need to become taller than him.

You need to get a ginormous fisheye lens or magnifying glass. If you look at him through the lens at just the right angle and held the right way, and also to have all of the sun's rays behind you focused on one intense spot....

You need an ageing serum!

Accelerate his ageing process until he has the shrunken, osteoporosis-riddled body of a ninety year old.

Ax. Knees. Much shorter.

....Followed by prison and/or institutionalization.