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How to slow down a Birch Portable Record Player from 1954? Answered

I bought a record player recently but teh wheel goes WAY too fast making the records sound like chipmunks... There is no speed control on this player so is there any way i can slow this down?


Re-gear it or use a different pulley. I don't think there is a way to slow this kind of motor down since it uses the line frequency for speed stabilization.

But I might be wrong and in that case Steve or someone else just as knowledgeable will chime in and correct me.

.  Looks like a shaded-pole synchronous motor to me. If so, then you are correct about not being able to change the motor speed. :(
.  While it is certainly possible that a turntable from that era would be 45 RPM-only (maybe even 78 RPM), it is also very possible that it is a multi-speed platter and you just need to figure out how to change gears.

That's my guess. Either it's a 45RPM turntable, or you need to find where the "transmission" shift lever is. (Typically, these motors had stepped drive wheels, with the transfer wheel moving from step to stop in order to select the drive wheel radius and thus the effective "gear ratio".)

Since these motors are "line synchronised" - run at a fixed speed, based on the AC supply, something else is wrong. I reckon that the drive pulley on the motor has worn out. Take a look under the turntable and see how the motor is supposed to drive the turntable.