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How to solder tone pots in Stratocaster guitar? Answered

I found old Kingston Stratocaster HSS guitar (it has more than 20 years). Could anybody help me bring this interesting instrument to life?

I have no idea how to solder tone pots. Switch model: 5-way Schaller 105 SF (stratocaster type). If anyone knows how, please edit first draft and upload it again.

On the first picture I presented what I have already soldered thanks to french forum (original wire colors):

There is a switch labirinth on the second picture.

On the third - Schaller manual I found.

On the last - there is another Shaller switch diagram I found (don't know exact model, but might be useful).



5 years ago

This is difficult to answer, because there are many variations to pickup wiring--"normal" strat, split coil for the humbucker, etc.

I see your conundrum. Schaller offers some documentation; the sheet you provided and this website, but none explain the tone pot connections or show a schematic. The documentation on the webpage simply lists the tone pot tabs (2, 3, 6) but doesn't show the corresponding pickup.

Most Strats don't connect a tone control to the bridge PU, only to the mid and neck. All that's a matter of preference--even Fender does it differently for different models (there's a "standard" wiring schema, but no particular reason to follow it, especially since you're wiring for a "fat strat" any ways).

Your pickup wiring looks correct, however--1, 5 and 7 for the bridge, middle and neck signal wires.

I would suggest you either--

1) use a meter as a continuity tester and figure for yourself which tone tabs connect with the PU tabs. You might need to unsolder some wires to do this (if they are already soldered up). Test the PU tab and see which tone tabs connect when the switch is moved...

2) Use a jumper wire from each tone tab on the switch to the tone pot, and test each tab individually. Then just listen--you should be able to hear the difference. Write down the connections and solder the connections after the "test."

You currently don't have the second tone control (middle pot) wired up as a tone control yet in either diagram, incidentally....